All time Number One world Golf players list

All time n°1 world golf players

Here are the  all time n°1 world golf players list and some explanations about the rules. This World Golf Ranking has been launched by OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) in 1986.

“The” World N° 1 is Tiger Woods, obviously. With a 13 years lead, he may be impossible to be caught up by an other golf player .

They took over the strengths of Tiger Woods, the forerunner, and it becomes more difficult to stay long at the top of the world rankings.

 American influence.
Numéro un mondial Tiger Woods
World N° 1 during 683 semaines, around 13 years, an incomparable record, difficult to break within several years !

The USA is “The” country of golf. This high popularity attracts rich or prestigious sponsors who bring very high financial means. They attract the best players in the world.

Thus, the weight of the tournaments of the American PGA Tour has become preponderant in the world ranking. It makes it difficult to access outposts to players who do not participate to Us PGA Tour. The first concerned players are those competing the Europeantour, less well endowed. Keith Pelley, the CEO of Europeantour reacted in 2017 with the Rolex Series tournaments.

Europe with Rolex Series

The Rolex Series are 4 tournaments with 8 million dollars. Located in Europe in South Africa and Dubai, with a level of staffing is the same level as those of PGATour. They must attract American players and retain the best Europeans players tempted by the USA.

These  Rolex series, the 4 Major tournaments and the 4 World Championship tournaments in common with the American tour, allow the European Tour to offer 12 main annual tournaments of world level, and many points.


This race to world points, including the world’s TOP 50 goal, is the main goal for all players. This is a first step to play the biggest tournaments in the world and to be, “number 1 world golf”.

Recall :

The point award rule is based on the strength of field of each tournament. The strength of field depends on the  high ranked players in the world, playing the tournament. As top-ranked players are attracted by big prize money tournaments in the USA, they gather the best players in the world.

All Time World Number one Golf Players list.


Last update, 2022 February, 9th. 

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