Golf courses along Opal Coast

The 6 golf courses of the Opal Coast are all top rated in the Top100 Golf World ranking (France). 

Hardelot les Pins is 7th, the course of La Mer in Le Touquet, 10th, and a very nice 17th rank for the youngest course, completed in 1993, in Belledune, close to Fort-Mahon. Other rankings, such as the french magazine Fairways Best Golfs 2019 , confirms this hierarchy.

So, the golf courses of the Opal Coast must be one of your next “golf” destinations in France!

Let's go back to past...

Parcours de golf de la Côte d'Opale
Affiche Hardelot, sea side resort

For decades, the golf courses of the Opal Coast, on the banks of the Channel, are among the most beautiful destinations in Europe.
At the beginning of the 20th century, English people were very fond of holidaying in this region of “Pays Boulonnais”, northern France. They have fully contributed to the development of popular seaside resorts, in the Anglo-Norman style as Wimereux, Le Touquet or Hardelot, cradle of the Entente Cordiale.
 They drove the english “way of life” with popular entertainment activities across the Channel.
The establishment of golf courses in this region of Hauts de France became a reality. Golf was fashionable.
The greatest players frequented these places. You could see Harry Vardon playing, Arnaud Massy at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, in Le Touquet, the course of La Mer saw Severiano Ballesteros win in 1977, when the Open de France was held there.


...Survivors of a turbulent history

Parcours de golf Le Touquet Paris Plage
Poster, Le Touquet Paris-Plage, sea side resort.

The current courses of Le Touquet, Hardelot or Wimereux are between 90, and 120 years old for Wimereux. 

They are survivors of a turbulent history. Because all the courses did not survive. In Hardelot, a first 9-hole golf course was completed in 1906 by Tom Vardon near the Hardelot castle and “Lac des Mirroirs”. This 9-hole disappeared during the 1st World War. It left the place, in 1931, to the current course of Les Pins to a Half mile of there. In Wimereux, the first golf course appeared in 1900 and disappeared, too. The current course will be completed in 1907. 

On the side of Le Touquet, the course of La Forêt dates from 1904. It is the 3rd oldest course in France. Le Touquet-Paris Plage was even, before a temporary decline, one of the largest golf centers in the world, with 45 holes, before the 2nd World War. Because this world conflict has cruelly hit this part of France and its golf courses have not escaped. The Germans were convinced that the landing of the Allied Forces would take place on the Opal Coast, very close to Great Britain. These seaside courses, designed in the dune cord and in the sandy pine forest more sheltered from the wind, were impacted by the bombing or by military activities of the German army.

…with referring Architects.

Architects are the references of that moment, as Horace Hutchinson, Nicholas Lane Jackson, Tom Simpson, Harry Colt, Charles Allison or Guy Campbell. Their golfcourses have become unavoidable references in France and beyond the borders.

Recently, under the leadership of Patrice Boissonnas and Franck Pont, the courses of Hardelot and Le Touquet have been remarkably remodeled.

So, do not hesitate. This Opal Coast will surprise you. You will live an unforgettable experience on these 6 magnificent golf courses along Opal Coast, by the sea.

Play golf in Hardelot 

Parcors de golf de la côte d'Opale
Top 6 Golf courses Côte d'Opale : Hardelot les Pins Hole N° 18

Les Golfs d’Hardelot :  “Les Pins” Course 

website : here

Since: 1931

Architect : Tom Simpson

Les Golfs d’Hardelot : “Les Dunes” Course

website : here

Since : 1991

Architects Jean Claude Cornillot, Paul Rollin

Play golf in Le Touquet

Top 6 Golf Courses Côte d'Opale : Le Touquet

Golf du Touquet :  “La Mer” Course

website : here

Since : 1931

Architect : Harry Shapland Colt

Golf du Touquet :  “La Forêt” Course

website : here 

Since : 1904

Architects : Horace Hutchinson et Nicholas Lane Jackson

Play golf in Belledune  & Wimereux

Golf de Belledune

website : here

Since : 1993

Architect : Jean Manuel Rossi


Golf de Wimereux

website : here

Since : 1907

Architects : Guy Campbell et Cecil Hutchinson .

parcours de la Côte d'Opale
Hardelot les Dunes : Tee Hole N° 1

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