Golf Courses along Emerald Coast

Discovering the 5 golf courses along Emerald Coast must be part of your Golf Experience in France. This beautiful Britanny  coast really deserves a stay “Golf, Tourism and Terroir”.

With an easy access by train, only 3 hours from Paris via Saint-Brieuc, these 5 remarkable courses on the coast await you!

Let's go back to the past...

parcours de Dinard 1887

Due to the development of sea baths, born in England with their supposed therapeutic virtues, the seaside resort of Dinard has developed to become the second seaside resort in France in the late 19th century. Dinard has developed a strong attraction to English. 

And some english people will give this resort its career in 1887. Located in Saint-Briac, along the seaside and designed by Tom Dunn, this second oldest golf course in France is still active! On the other side of the sea entrance, the city of Saint-Malo had to possess its own course. Thanks to a 100% english initiative, the golf course of Paramé was completed in Saint-Malo in 1893. But, the competition between the 2 seaside towns will cause the closing of this last one in 1923.

Saint-Malo will recover a golf course in 1986 at Le Tronchet. Hubert Chesneau, architect of Le Golf National, has managed to draw a magnificent setting on the hunting grounds of famous captain Robert Surcouf. Over 200 hectares, this 27-holes golf course, located between sea and countryside, authentic and challenging, has become a “must play” on the Emerald Coast.

Three Golf courses along Emerald coast !

At the beginning of the 20th century, after the first world war, in 1920, the seaside resort project was born at Sables d’Or les Pins, near Cap Fréhel. Along a beautiful sandy beach and in the pines, an ambitious real estate agent from Saint-Malo, Roland Brouard, imagined a seaside “resort with climatic benefits”.

 A railway line will facilitate the development of The “Sports and Automobile” resort. As in Dinard, the influence of the clientele is still perceptible by the Anglo-Norman style of the constructions. The success of a seaside and sports resort, created ex-nihilo, implies the existence of a golf course. A 9-hole course will be completed in 1925. The name of the Scottish architect is not known. The economic crisis of 1929 will slow down the development of the resort who will go through long difficult times. In 1960, the golf course will be remodeled  with 9 additional holes designed by Alain de Bouexic.

Parcours de Bretagne Les Sables d'Or Les Pins
Parcours de Saint-Cast

Golf along the beach !

The village of Saint-Cast took off, too, thanks to the sea baths and the development of the railway. The Paris-Brest line reduced the duration of the Paris trip from 14 hours to 6 hours.

 A group of English friends decided to create a  golf course in 1926. Among them, Edgar E. Green designed the course along Pen Guen beach, surrounded by beautiful cedars. The sea views  are really stunning !

After difficult times, (closing in 1939 due to a completely mined ground during the 2nd World War), a 9 Holes links of is rebuilt in 1959. 36 years later in 1995, the current 18 holes is inaugurated. With its panoramic views of the bay, this course, almost a century old, is today a real “must” to play.

The seaside resort of Pleneuf Val André was created along a 2.5 km beach in the end of 19th century. It was a famous place for the game of tennis with a lot of courts and many tournaments.

Since 1992, a golf course, located on the heights of Val André, and along a nice beach, has given this resort a strong reputation in the “world of golf”.

The 18-hole course with breathtaking panoramic views is brilliantly designed by a French architect, Alain Prat. This golf course is one of the 35 most beautiful courses in France. The sea is visible on 17 of the 18 holes.

Enjoyed by all players, the 2 signature holes, N°10 and N°11, are worth the trip. Playing at Pleneuf Val-André is also the opportunity to play on a challenging championship course hosting the Challengetour for 15 years. 

Play golf in Dinard and in Saint-Malo

Golf de Dinard 1887

website : here

Since : 1887

Architect : Tom Dunn

Martin Hawtree

Golf de Saint-Malo

website : here

since : 1986

Architect : Hubert Chesneau


Play golf in Saint-Cast and Pléneuf Val-André

Golf de Saint -Cast Pen Guen 

Website : here

Since : 1926

Architect : Edgar E. Green

Golf de Pleneuf Val André 

website : here 

Since : 1992

Architect : Alain Prat


Play golf in Sables d'Or les Pins

Golf de Sables d’Or Les Pins

website : here 

Since : 1925

Architect : Scottish (unknown )

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