Rent a car, a shuttle with driver or own car ?

Rent a car or book a shuttle with driver, or use your own car ? or taxis ? This is a second main question when you organize a golf trip in France ! Here are some tips.

Prise en charge dès l'aéroport

some pros,

The main pro is your freedom during your trip. You leave home, and drive. You can go everywhere, when you want !

and some cons

You must keep in mind, that several constraints will depend on number of people travelling during the trip and the bagages.

Rent a car cost depends on the bagage quantity and volume, number of passengers and duration of your stay
  • Waste of time with reaching the renting company desk when Check in and the Check out in the airport.  
  • The cost of a Renting car depends mainly on the number of passengers. If you transport golf travel bag and suit-cases, the choice of car model must take in account all the bagages (golf travel bag + suitcases. The car model price is very progessive and correlated with the size of the trunk of the car. 
  • Additional Parking costs during your stay 
  •  Additional Fuel budget
  • Fatigue due to the driving of the vehicle during your stay  .
  • No possibility to enjoy fully french terroir , especially wineyard for the driver of the car.
  • Lack of knowledge of traffic rules and times travel, with waste of time.

Use your own car ?

Obviously, using your car depends on where do you come from, how many people, and your car features. If you come from over seas, or more than 1 day travel by road including meals and hotel, it’s cheaper to choose a flight.

The pros
You are used to drive it. 
No need to buy rigid Golf Travel bags because no handling by external people, no additional costs. 
and the cons
– Waste of time  during the duration outward and return journey and the fatigue for the driver. Additional expenditures for meals and hôtel during the trip, at least 2 days.
– Limited number of passengers . For 4 passengers you will need 2 cars. 

Use a shuttle with driver ?

Certainly, the most customized solution.

The pros

With a pick-up upon arrival at the airport, he  can carry your suitcases and golf travel bags (delivered by yourself or rent in France from a specialist).

The shuttle with driver will accompany you during all your stay and bring you back to the airport.


Navette confortable intérieur cuir
A shuttle with a driver, 4 passengers and 4 rigid golf travel bag and 4 suitcases
And some cons
-This service can be expensive, but, this full service ensures you a hassle free golf trip. Some Travel Agents
offers trips including Driver service.
-It is not so easy to find a shuttle with driver company for a traveling trip. Here are some address

Around Paris :

Around Paris, Normandy, Brittany, Loire :

For more information, Feel free to contact me : here

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