Play own clubs or hire ?

The big question : To travel with your own clubs or not.
Should you golf abroad with your own clubs or hire them ? That’s an important question but the answer can be a bit tricky. So here’s some helpful points to consider. Firstly, depending on the conditions, travelling with golf bags definitely has its pros and cons.

Your golf level is one the factors to think about. Others to seriously mull over include, the destination, the type of trip (one or multiple destinations) or  your group size, and last but not least,  your expectations.

Some pros but five cons

Some pros

Since you are so accustomed to playing with them and have even gone so far to select your preferred brand, customize the putter shape, shaft stiffness and size, it really should be your number one, top priority.

Moreover, if you have optioned for a personal fitting session, your clubs are  adapted to your unique swing, physique, etc.

Therefore, the ideal way to enjoy new golf courses is by putting your loyal clubs to the test. Why not optimize your experience and return home with the best of possible memories, without any regrets!  

But five cons ! 

1 – The transport and packing conditions

Considering typical baggage handling at airports, it is advised to package your golf equipment in a suitable, hard and durable travel bag or container that ensures safe transport and acceptance by the airline carrier as luggage and NOT CARGO.

The golf bag must be covered or stored in a rigid and sturdy golf travel bag.

Under these conditions, golf equipment is usually considered “one piece” if it consists of a golf travel bag including a set of 14 golf clubs (maximum), tees, 12 balls (maximum), and your  pair of shoes.

Your golf equipment can neither exceed a weight of 23kg (50 pounds), nor measure more than 158cm (62 inches) linear (L + 1 + H), nor contain other items in addition to or instead of the appropriate golf equipment.

Keep in mind this obvious but important reminder: Indicate your name, address, and phone number on the inside and outside of all checked luggage.

Currently, check-in opens 2 or 3 hours prior to the scheduled boarding time. 

Depending on your departure airport and destination, the required time for check-in, baggage, and boarding can vary. 

So, plan for an early check-in and a hassle-free journey!

Currently, Check-in is opened 2 or 3 hours before your scheduled boarding time. The time required for check-in, baggage and boarding may vary depending on your departure airport and destination.

 After landing, you may wait longer before picking up your golf travel bag on the treadmill because of the way of non-format sports items.  This equipment is  loaded, unloaded and placed on the treadmill with some delay.

You can expect to spend around 45/50 € for this specific luggage, but it can be free depending of airline companies.


2 - The use of a golf travel bag against breakage

Choose a golf travel bag is a whole topic. Consequently, a hard container is the best choice. Do you need rolling wheels to pull it ? A low weight must be a decisive feature. it is up to you !

A golf travel bag is a long term investment. you will be able to travel for many years. Do not sacrifice quality at the expense of price  !

A good Golf Travel bag Price is around from 150 £ or $ to 350 £ or 370 $ (premium product).

See a top ten products selection video and advice here . and more videos here

3 – The risk of a delay for the delivery.

From one day to several days (see tweets of professional players above). When a delay delivery happens, you have to declare the issue at the Bagages Desk in the airport. You may get of waste of time because it is often busy. At least, the routing may take several days , and sometimes longer than your stay in the country.

4 -The hassle of circulating in the airport.

Whereas airports are becoming larger, it can be unpleasant to walk a lot with heavy suitcases + golf travel bags, until the rent car desk, out of the terminal arrival area or to the taxi station.

5 – The choice of mode of transport after landing. 

Obviously, it will depends on several criteria :

  •  duration of your stay, 
  • If you rent a car, 
  • if you come in France with your own car 
  • If you choose a multiple destinations trip, day by day , with driver service
  • How many people will travel ? 
  • Who will handle you golf travel bag every day ?


1– If you decide to travel with your own golf clubs, you can use a service company for managing your luggage from the Airport to your Hôtel.

The added expenditure can be important, taking in account the quantity of luggage.

2– Or you can decide to hire golf clubs to a club rental company located in France. As of today, only one specialist is at your disposal. Their offer is very good and huge. proposes several ranges of complete series including, premium golf clubs. Also, it can be an opportunity to test last clubs. delivers these clubs at your hotel or golf club.

This company hires clubs for right handed, left handed, men,  women and junior, with 3 range levels (best brands). Golf clubs bags can be delivered  directly to 56 Golf-Clubs around Paris, or at Paris CDG Airport with a Hertz partnership (rent car company) !  

3– You can also hire sets of clubs in the Pro-shop located in the Golf Clubs you will visit.

The quality of sets of club might not always be close to your expectations.

If you visit several golf clubs, maybe, you will have to change clubs every day. It will depend of your trip. If you stay in the same hotel, it can be possible to keep them during several days (to be confirmed by the golf-club).

For more information, you can contact directly the golf pro-shop in the 420 golf courses list in France to check the possibilty to hire clubs, and to check the level of clubs quality they can hire.

In Ile de France region (around Paris), Golf Clubs to hire, rented by the pro-shops, may be supplied by “” rental company. 

If you need more information, feel free to contact me, by clicking: here.


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