Organize a golf trip in France

Organize a Golf trip in France ?

You plan to visit France and you want to play some french golf courses. But, you ask yourself how to organize a golf trip in France from your country without a good knowledge of France ? 

Driver & Driver can help you to choose the best places to succeed in your holidays.

Here are the mains topics to take in account :

The first 3 questions are these ones :

-1 Where to play  golf courses in France ?

– 2 When to visit France ?

-3 Booking with a all inclusive Package or organizing by yourself.

Two other topics to take in account :

Use own clubs or hire clubs locally ?

– Use a golf travel bag for coming in France by plane.

How to choose a golf travel bag ?

– How to move in France ? renting a car or a using a shuttle with driver service, or driving your own car ? 

It seems difficult to answer all these questions, alone.

Consequently, I can help you and with my 30 years experience as a french golfer and a good knowledge of my country. I can share experience and opinion about french Golf Courses or tips about travelling abroad with own golf clubs. here.

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