Choose a Golf Travel Bag

A golf club travel bag  is to protect your golf clubs and other golf gear when travelling. 

You can choose from a hard or soft case travel bag. But what are the pros and cons  of each type ? What features should you be evaluating when choosing the right one for your travel needs?

If you like to play golf abroad, you do need to protect your clubs with a travel bag.

What kind of travel bag to get a hold ?

The first step is to decide if you buy a hard or soft golf travel bag case.

Hard Case or Soft Case ?

1- Hard case golf club travel bag gives a maximum protection and are the good option if you fly frequently your golf equipment.

Hard Case gives the best protection and is preferred by players that travel frequently by air with their golf set.

This high level protection means a more durability , but also and expensive option. but it worth it. Hard case travel bag is heavier than a soft case one, but most of products propose wheels for easy transport.

So Keep in mind that Airlines companies are getting increasingly strict on golf bagage weight. A hard golf bag travel case cover can be difficult to fit  into the back of some car types. So keep in mind this con if you estimate rent car cost.

2 – Soft golf club travel bag is cheaper and lighter. It is easier to store or maneuver into different types of car.  Top end quality bag can be similar price as hard case travel bag.

But some soft golf travel bag are not top en quality, and you could need paddings to for more protection.

Advice :

So, if you own a high valuable golf equipment , and you travel frequently, you can choose a hard golf travel bag as most of golfers who want to protect their clubs. But, if you travel occasionally, by plane, you can pack carefully you clubs (wrap them, use head cover for iron clubs and insert then head down into the bag ). Use golf stiff arm, and make sure everything is tight, you can choose a soft case

If you need more information about 25 air company travel rules, just click : here


Where to buy you golf travel bag ?

See the golf travel bag before buying it, even if it is not so easy to see a wide range of Golf travel bag in your pro-shop. Or if it not possible to see enough products,  be confident by choosing a major brand of golf products.

Buying online or in a retail store ? it is up to you !

Online buying can be cheaper, but you could pay additional shipping costs and you can wait some days for delivery.

-2 videos   “Top  Golf Tavel bags” Test  with Pros and Cons to help you : Top 5 , Top 10

Frequent pros and cons about golf travel bags

22 pros to keep in mind !

  • It has plenty of room to take all your clubs and other things you need for your golf trip.
  • Have padding at the top to offer special protection to your golf clubs.
  • It has an efficient carrying system that is composed of top and bottom mounted handles.
  • Can be comfortably used by men and women.
  • Made of very tough polyester-based material for longevity.
  • Have multiple compartments that you can use to store extra luggage.
  • The heavy padding on the top part of the bag protects your delicate clubs.
  •  The use of nylon-based fabric makes it long-lasting.
  • It is an attractive investment compared to other bags in its range.
  • You can adjust its size according to your luggage.
  • The rolling wheels make it easy to use the bag while traveling.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The wheels, straps, and material make it very ergonomic
  • The padding protects your golf clubs and other valuables that you may be carrying.
  • Comes in a broad range of colors from which you can choose.
  • The three types of zippers on the bag are lockable for enhanced security.
  • The extra padding helps to keep your clubs safe.
  • It is made from highly tough fabric, and this makes it very durable.
  • It can quickly expand to a larger size so that you can pack in more luggage.
  • You can use the compression straps to make the bag more stable during travel.
  • It has a unique and large pouch for shoes.
  • It is relatively light when compared to other golf travel bags.
12 Cons to watch carefully !
  • it is slightly heavier than its peers; therefore, it is cumbersome to use it for long.
  • If you only have small luggage to carry, then you will find it oversize.
  • The zippers, which are colored as the entire bag, are not very strong.
  • It is difficult to carry it for long because of the floppiness of its body.
  • The plastic parts in-between the wheels may break when you hit a firm surface.
  • The zippers are not very durable.
  • The inline wheels are not as sturdy as they appear.
  • Some of the zippers and other parts get damaged very fast.
  • The plastic parts can easily get damaged.
  • The PVC base is not as sturdy as it appears.
  • The wheels may easily come off when they hit against a sturdy surface.
  • Walking in with the bag at times may be awkward.

Golf Club Travel Bag Features :

1- Size of the golf travel bag

Size limits for golf club travel bag vary between airlines companies. British Airways allow golf bags up to 190 cm x 75cm X 65 cm (75 X 29,5 X 25,5 inches).

The material is important factor as it affects how durable and leightweight your golf bag travel cover is going to be. The sides are often vulnerable part of a travel bag. So check the thickness and make sure the travel bag is easy to clean.

2- Weight of the golf travel bag

Most of airlines companies have maximum weights limits regarding golf gear : between 50-70 lbs, or 23 -32 kg

3- Bag Padding

Prefer a golf bag travel with good padding and don’t forget quality padding for club heads is priority.

4- Luggage wheels

Golf bag travel covers are mainly with wheels. This is a very useful for a golf travel bag such as all suitcases. It makes so easier to travel. Don’t forget, airports are bigger and bigger, and the golf travel bag is bulky !

5- Good Bag Organization

Keep in mind your golf travel bag should have good organization for your clubs and additional accessories. You are allowed by airlines rules to pack only golf shoes and 12 balls. But, you may add other belonging, likes clothes.

6- Look For Quality Handles

they have to be able to stand the pressure of carrying the maximum weight allowed for the bag. So check que durability of handles. Quality handles reduces the risk of damage during air travel transit handling.

Prefer a multiple handles as sometimes you need to carry your travel bag by hand in other instances.

7- Storage

Most soft case golf travel bags are collapsible. It is easier to store in your bedroom at the hotel, or at home by waiting your next trip.

8- Luggage Locks

Your Golf equipment is valuable and needs good luggage locks. As a golf travel bag is usually treated as specific luggage separately from other usual luggage. That means a travel bag is usually unattended for longer than other luggage.

Prefer padlocks that give better protection than zipper or latch locks. Always go for homologated TSA Approved Luggage Padlocks to avoid your bag being damaged by airport security inspectors. (applies when travelling within or via the USA, West of Europ)

9- Warranty

A good quality golf travel bag is an expensive investment  that should last for a long time, the warranty is important.


A golf equipment is expensive.  So consider how you can avoid too much attention to your golf bag travel cover. One idea (seen on internet website) is to get some dirt on your bag prior to use if first time, that can discourage thieves and give the impression of old and worn out golf gear. why not ?

You can buy a stiff arm to protect longest clubs : see testimonials (below)

-If you need an advice, feel free to contact me : here

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